Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photo of the Day

Just digging through my pal Tony Simon's Flickr account and came across the above. Long story short, Tony -- who used to live with his wife in Portland -- was forced to move to Atlanta, give up his rock and roll dreams and work for as a middle manager for some company. However, he's a beer person (homebrewer and he teaches beer appreciation classes) and while the South is starting to rise a bit beer-wise, it just ain't Portland.

So, I believe what you are looking at is Tony's first taste of good Oregon beer in a very long time. Love it. Also, Tony's wearing the hat.

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tony said...

The wife and I would love to relocate back to PDX if a feasible opportunity ever materializes. I'll take an updated version of the pic above when we're there next month.

Also, nice blog, dork.