Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gonzo 4: The Boozening

Drew commented that we were nuts to use such top shelf booze on this year's Gonzo. To which I can only say, yep -- we's nuts. (Member -- if you click the pics, they get BIG!)

Two shots from each bottle did the trick.

There's some dried Shitake Mushrooms. Yummo, as my girl might say.

OK, this is the booze tincture with the 'shrooms stuffed into it. We let this sit for a few hours, then remove the 'shrooms, squeeze 'em out back into the pint glass and then dump the whole mess into the wort at flame out.

We went a bit nuts this year and actually added some mushrooms, hemp seeds and poppy seeds right into the mash tun. My theory -- why in the hell not?

Hey! That's Drew. Grinding up the grain. Wait, not grinding -- milling.

And here's what I remember of the recipe:

Pretty even split between US 2-row and Marris Otter
biscuit malt
Caramel 120
Munich Malt
Acidulated Malt
Some Special B, probably, maybe
2 pounds of turbonado sugar
6 shitake mushrooms plus some hemp and poppy seeds

90 minute boil

2 ounces of Warrior + .3 ounces of Summit @ 60 min
1 ounce Centenial + 1.25 ounces of Chinook in the hopback @ 30
2 ounces of Palisade in the hopback @ 10
2 ounces of Cascade at flame out

two ounces of bourbon, 2 of rum, 2 of tequila with shitake mushrooms. let that sit around for a few hours.

1 table spoon each of hemp and poppy seeds at flame out. Add just the liquid from the mushroom/booze thing at flameout.

add in the rind of an grapefruit and a tangerine.

Pitched on a yeast cake of 1056 and 1278.


Craig said...

I'm glad you're back on BA and have some sort of site again.

Jonny Lieberman said...

Thanks man -- Me too.