Monday, January 28, 2008

We Won Some Medals

In the recent Doug King Memorial Comp. Jimmy and I did pretty good. We took down a second place medal in the "Imperial Anything" category with our Vertical Jihad. Jimmy's first recipe -- pretty cool. Essentially VJ is a clone of Stone's 05.05.05 Vertical Epic, but we used some Indonesian sugar. A few other tweaks, too.

Our Arrogant Sombrero, which is an Adam beer that Jimmy, Kelsey McNair and me did, took a first place in the Northern European Strong Beers category, as well as third place over all (2nd Runner Up Best of Show as they call it). The judges felt the beer is too young (it is) but in a couple of years it will win best of show. Can't wait.

We also entered some '07 Gonzo that got mis-entered (and judged) as a DIPA. It didn't do well.

2008 Doung King Memorial Competition Results

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Ry said...

Hey Johnny...just wanted to let you know that i started brewing a couple of years ago and i often got your advice on the BA forums. wanted to second your opinion that the forums have gone completely downhill...bunch of maniacs running around on there now. glad you said what needed to be said.